Everyday each house holds its own assembly which begins with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by the School Code of Honour and Na’at. The concerned Housemaster also makes a brief speech in which he highlights the programmes of the day, importance of Public School life, the value of hard work, the best possible use of time and energies, discipline and character building. He ensures the presence of the boys and checks their dress and general cleanliness. The sick boys are referred to the School Medical Officer. Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases are sent to isolation room in the hospital because their attendance in the classes is neither advisable nor allowed.The Principal conducts the School general assembly and in no case fails to attend this mass gathering. Per routine every house in turn takes charge of the activities to be carried out in the assembly. The morning Schoolassembly is held in Masroor Hall (named after one of the pioneer members of the faculty, who passed away in the prime of his youth.) when the hall is occupied for board or internal examinations, the assembly is held in the open, under the command of the Prefect of the leading House. The other Prefects lead their own respective houses. Boys from the leading House recite verses from the Holy Quran with translation in English and Urdu, Na’at and present the School Code of Honour. In order to infuse confidence into students, one student of the leading house makes a speech of his own choice in the School Assembly. The Principal’s address follows it and the School assembly comes to an end with the National Anthem.