School Rules & Regulation

School Rules & Regulation:

 A boy is admitted to the aforementioned classes on condition that he binds himself to abide by the Rules and Regulations and order issued from time to time. These shall not be questioned. Penalties for infringement shall be at the sole discretion of the Principal. However, any violation of Rules may result in withdrawal/expulsion from the School with or without warning.

Extracts from the Rules that do not permit:-

(i)  Indiscipline, cheating, stealing, use of abusive language and immoral conduct/moral turpitude.

(ii) Playing truant/absconding/Leaving the School (Bunk) without prior permission of the Housemaster in authorized/unauthorized dress.

(iii)   Rudeness to staff members and seniors.

(iv)   Keeping firearms, knives of large size and lethal weapons.

(v)  Smoking or using any drug or narcotics.

(vi)  Willfully damaging the School property.

(vii)   Being habitually unpunctual and untidy.

(viii)  Consistent poor performance in academics.

(ix)   Absence from dormitories/houses after lights out.

(x)   Taking part in strikes, protests, inter group fights, politics and rowdyism.

(xi)   Having undesirable literature.

(xii)  Possessing T.V. sets, Radio, Walkman / Watchman, mobiles phones, musical instruments or any other valuables.

(xiii)   Owning unauthorized medicines and drugs.

(xiv  )Possessing match boxes, burners, heaters and any other electric device.

(xv)Absenting oneself from the school for five consecutive days.

  Corrective measures i.e. extra drill, detention, fine and canning are awarded for minor offences but major offences (determined by the Principal) will definitely end in expulsion/withdrawal from the School

In all cases the decision of the Principal is final and cannot be challenged in any Court of Law.

  • i) The academic year spans from March to December. Boys are allowed to avail a short vacation of about four weeks in the summer and a long vacation of 9 weeks in the winter. In addition to these vacations, the school observes certain other festivals and holidays.
    (ii) Boys are not allowed to go home during the term time except in case of emergency. However, boys are allowed to go with their parents on long weekends on the dates specified in the School Calendar for each term.
  • The school does not allow any other leave except sick leave. Applications for leave to attend marriage ceremonies of real brothers/sisters, uncles/aunts etc. properly endorsed by the parent, should reach the office at least a week before.
    Students must report back well in time after the expiry of every such leave or vacation (both short and long) failing which the boy is liable to be fined Rs. 500/-.
  • (v) Those who remain absent from the School without prior permission for a period of 7 days or more are struck off the School rolls. A fine of Rs. 500/- for first day of absence and Rs. 100/- for each subsequent day will be charged.In case of prolonged absence on account of sickness supported by a Medical Certificate, the Principal may at his discretion retain the boy’s name on the School rolles provided that the dues are paid regularly