About Us


Abbottabad Public School is located by the Karakurum Highway (Silk Route) at a distance of 10 Kilometers from the town. It covers an area of 55 acres surrounded by lush green hills. The height, climate, scenic beauty and serenity make it an ideal place for a residential Institution. This School offers a clean and healthy environment that is entirely free from all sorts of pollution. Encircled by lush green hills and pine trees the Institution affords a paradisiacal look. The fruit trees further add to its beauty and serve a sanctuary for rare birds. Without extremes of heat and cold this place presents heavenly conditions to live and make the best use of time in useful pursuits.


The School is an autonomous Institution controlled and managed by a Board of Governors, headed by the Provincial Minister for Education as its Chairman. The Secretary Education, Secretary Finance, representatives of the Parents constitute themselves as members of this august body. The Principal enjoys delegated powers and is responsible for overall supervision, control and administration of the School. He is also Member/Secretary of the Board of Governors.


Education is strong foundation of every civilized society. It is an instrument which transforms the nation socio-economically and also ideologically. We put great emphasis on our educational system that has to shape us in a desired direction, thus our prime concern is to provide the much needed quality education to the aspirant youth of the country by creating a congenial atmosphere for learning and developing their potential/talents. Strenuous efforts are made to make the training procedure an all-embracing activity that encompasses all aspects of life essential for building up a balanced personality. Great emphasis is laid on character building, moral, spiritual up-gradation, discipline, academic excellence and physical fitness. Consequently our graduates prove a great asset to the society rather than becoming a burden on its meagre resources. In short, we aim at training the responsible citizens who will play positive roles in the development of their country.

Academic Staff

The Academic Staff of the School comprises seasoned and well qualified individuals (all holding Master’s Degrees in their respective subjects). A few more talented gentlemen have been inducted into the staff, thus augmenting the strength and narrowing the gap between the teacher and student ratio. In order to facilitate academic matters, a team of senior members of the faculty discuss the problems and gives its recommendations and suggestions.