Medical Facilities

A Medical Officer assisted by two Dispensers manages the School hospital. In addition to general treatment, the students are inoculated against Typhoid, Cholera, Tetanus and Hepatitis – B.  As and when required the boys are referred to specialists according to their demands and the expenses incurred are borne by the parents. The hospital also extends medical facilities to the staff and their families residing on the Campus.

Computer Studies

The School has a fully equipped Computer Lab. Qualified instructors are available to impart knowledge related to computers to junior classes.


A qualified Librarian is looking after the School Library and an attendant assists him. The library is quite spacious, wall-to-wall carpeted and properly ventilated. It houses more than 8,000 books on various subjects. Daily newspapers in English and Urdu; local and foreign magazines and periodicals are also subscribed. These reading materials help the students in developing their study habits.

Religious Teaching

Religious education is given due consideration at Abbottabad Public School. Islamiyat is a compulsory subject at all stages of the School curriculum. Five time prayers are mandatory and the daily routine begins with the morning congregational prayers followed by the Nazira class for the learners of the Holy Quran. The boys are also taught lessons on the fundamentals of Islam. They are encouraged to memorize certain important Suras of the Holy Book. The life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him), early Caliphs, Saints and heroes of Islam is also highlighted.

School Transport

In order to meet the demand of the staff and students the School is in possession of two busses, one HiAce and one van, which are readily available for routine and emergency use, thus ensuring maximum transport facilities

Heating System /Generator

The students enjoy the facility of hot water in winters as geysers are installed in the hostels regardless of the expenses amounting over three million rupees, borne by the School coffers entirely.


The shopping center, consisting of stationery and tailor shops, general provision store, green grocery and meat shops, a post office and a branch of National Bank of Pakistan, provides for the general needs and requirements of all the residents of Abbottabad Public School. The school also accommodates a Cobbler, Washer man/launderer and Barber to meet the necessities. There is a spacious cafeteria which caters to the needs of the students, staff and parents.


All the boarding house blocks have their own dining halls and the mess committee comprising the messing officer, mess supervisor and senior boys carefully prepare the menu to provide a variety of food which not only meets the demands of the boys but also fulfils the requirements of balanced diet. The messing officer is also responsible for quality control of the food.

Guest House

The School has a well-furnished Guest House to provide residential facilities on the Campus for the parents visiting from far-flung areas. It caters for Boarding and Lodging requirements at the cost determined by the School as per rules.