Hostel/Boarding School

Abbottabad Public School is entirely a residential Institution accomplishing the needs of boys coming from different parts of the country.

The boys are accommodated in seven hostels named after great national heroes var; Iqbal House, Jinnah House, Liaqat House, Sir Syed House, Nishtar House, Sardar Bahadur House and Sultan Tipu House.

Besides these seven residential Houses, there is a House for Day-Scholars (Rehman House) which is named after the founder Principal, Mr. M. A. Rehman. Every House is under the charge of a Housemaster who acts like a parent to the boys and helps them to solve their educational, social and personal problems.

All the Houses have their own recreation rooms, called “common-rooms”, where they play indoor games during their free time and on holidays even. Every common room is facilitated with Television, DVD, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, draughts and scrabble.

The senior boys in the houses are given various appointments to help in managing the House affairs. Each house has a senior prefect and three other prefects who assist him in his job. They are selected out of the best lot taking into account their academic performance, discipline and conduct.

In this way, a sense of responsibility is inculcated and qualities of leadership are developed in them.All irregularities, negligence of work and breach of discipline are brought to the notice of the Principal by the Housemaster for necessary action, over and above the punishment awarded by the Housemaster.