APS Mess

The School Mess The students of 4 old houses i.e, Iqbal, Jinnah, Liaqat and Sir Syed dine in the main dining hall, while the students belonging to Sardar Bahadur, Sultan Tipu and Nishtar House take their meals in the dining halls located in their premises. Pocket Money

1. Boys are paid pocket money through their Housemasters. Parents are therefore advised not to send any extra money to their sons by any mode.

2. They are neither allowed to open a private account in Bank/Post Office without prior permission of the Principal nor keep a credit account with the contractors of the School Cafeteria/Shops.

3. Minimum pocket money credit is required to be Rs. 7000/- in case this amount comes down to Rs., 5000/-(amount reserved for emergency) no pocket money/Contractor’s Chit is issued to a student for any kind of his private bills.

Parents are usually required to maintain credit balance of Rs. 7000/- for their sons/wards. They are also required to keep a contact with the housemaster to have first hand information about the pocket money balance. Academic performance, discipline and other issues related to their sons/wards.