Abbottabad Public School (APS) is the first institution of its kind in Pakistan. Ever since 1961, it is known for producing phenomenal professionals, great leaders, and quality human beings who have made impactful contributions to the national mainstream. Its legendary alumni have excelled in various facets of life including Politics, Business, Civil Services, Judiciary, Armed Forces, Sports, etc, both at the national/international levels.

APS carries an ideology of National Integration with due focus upon the core values of our religion. The premier institution combines in itself a fine blend of educational excellence, personality development and character building. APS provides an enabling environment to every student to obtain and retain highest possible standards of integrity, self discipline, faith as well as ample opportunities to explore and polish the hidden talents in every student. An institutionalized scheme of events has been set into motion to trigger the development of intellectual and aesthetic faculties of every student.

Rich heritage and traditions of this prestigious institution speak volumes of devotion, sincerity and tireless efforts of my predecessors. I in absolute humility pray that Allah (swt) grants myself and my team the vision, wisdom, and strength to rise upto the challenges. May Allah Almighty (swt) be our guide and protector (Aameen).


Lt Col Khalid Bashir (R) is well known for his distinguished professional  and  academic profile in army cricles. His rich and versatile qualifications include three Masters Degrees including one in the subject of Mass Communication (Gold Medalist). He also possesses vast  instructional  and  administrative experiences at reputed National as well as International Institutions including Cadet College, School of Artillery, SZIA (Islamabad) and most prestigious Command & Staff College Quetta. Apart from  being  a  writer, poet  and   motivational  speaker,  he  had been   actively involved in research work, writing articles, concept papers and presentations etc ever since 1995.  Before  joining  Abbottabad Public School  Abbottabad  as  Principal,  he  was  serving as  Advisor  &  Research  Consultant  to  various  institutions.