Sports require the presence of mind, commitment to repetition, and learning new skills that are relevant to Academics. Abbottabad Public School provides multiple sports facilities to keep our students engaged and physically fit. We also play fixtures against the sister institutions like Cadet College Hassan Abdal, Cadet College Kohat, Lawrence College Gohra Galli, Atchison College Lahore etc.

Being one of the most popular sports in colleges, basketball is played by a large number of students in the evenings. We have a dedicated basketball coach and a well-equipped sports department to help the young players in every way we can.

The school campus has few football grounds with lush green grass. The scenic view of Mountains on the other side makes it a perfect location. An experienced football coach trains the team with all the required equipment in the evenings.

Cricket is considered the most popular sport in Pakistan and for the students of the Abbottabad Public School its no different. The infrastructure related to the game includes a cricket ground with natural turf pitches.

Table Tennis is played by a large number of students in the evenings. Table Tennis facility is available in every house common room. We a well equipped sports department to help the budding players in every way we can.


The game of hockey has deep roots in Pakistan. Our College offers a unique environment that promotes our national game. We are fortunate enough in this regard that we have 2 lush green natural hockey fields, where students practice on daily basis in sports times. There are 7 hockey teams in the college and they compete each other in Interhouse Sports Competitions.