The hostels room of a Boarding school like Abbottabad Public School
are literally going to be your son/ward’s second home. That is where they
will live and breathe and spend

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Early Age Programming
Early age programming is an opportunity to bring
programming to classrooms in a fun and immersive manner.
It provides multiple levels of fully interactive courses built on.....

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Motivational Speaker's
Motivational Speaker for schools are a great way to inspire and
encourage Young people to push themselves out of their comfort
zone and teach them the importance of self-belief and a positive.......

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Digital Equipments
The rise of The rise of digitalization in schools across the world means
that ‘traditional’ teaching is evolving, and technologies are taking over
classrooms. Consistently engaging students is a challenging task for even
the most experienced educators.....

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Abbottabad Public School (APS) is Pakistan’s first Public School, with the rich heritage and traditions. As the most prestigious institution, APS has produced thousands of distinguished personalities in the field of Bureaucracy, Armed Forces, Judiciary, Politics and Business etc. The premier institution combines in itself a fine blend of Personality Development, Character Building and Education

Pride of APS SINCE 1961

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Welcome To Abbottabad Public School

Abbottabad Public School (APS) is the first institution of its kind in Pakistan. Ever since 1961, it is known for producing phenomenal professionals, great leaders, and quality human beings who have made impactful contributions to the national mainstream. Its legendary alumni have excelled in various facets of life including Politics, Business, Civil Services, Judiciary, Armed Forces, Sports, etc, both at the national/international levels…………


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Abbottabad Public School Anthem

Latest News

APDC 2022-2023

March 13, 2023

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony of Abbottabad Public School was held on Saturday 11th…

Interhouse Table Tennis Competition 2022

November 15, 2022

SBH won the Table Tennis Competition 2022

Tea Party in the Honour of Basketball Team 2022

November 12, 2022

A tea party was organized today in the honor of the Basketball Team…

Independence Day

14 Aug, 2022

Life at Abbottabad Public School

Abbottabad Public School is located at an altitude of about 4500 feet. The verdant hills around makes it look like a piece of paradise. Climatically it is ideal for a residential educational institution. Winter is a bit harsh but otherwise the weather is pleasant and mild.This heavenly piece of land was initially chosen by Pakistan Railways in 1956 to establish a Model School which was named as “Pakistan Railway Public School, Abbottabad”. The then Central Minister for Pakistan Railways Khan Sardar Bahadur Khan was the founder of the School, and Mr. M.A. Rehman was the founder Principal.A commission on National Education, which was formulated in December 1958, presented its report in August 1959 stressing the importance of establishing residential schools throughout the country.

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