Admission Criteria

Entrance Test Class 7″ & 8th

The candidates will require to undergo a written test to be followed by an interview. The written test will be given in the following subjects;
1. Mathematics
2. English
3. Urdu/Islamiyat
All papers will cover the syllabi of class 6″ (for Class 7″) and class 7″ (for Class 8″) of all textbook boards of Pakistan, as per the following breakdown:
Objective 40%
Subjective 60%
Objective 40%
Subjective 60%
Objective 40%
Subjective 60%

Entrance Test Class XI

a. Board Results 40%
b. Written Tests 40%
c. Interviews: 20%
2. Written Tests: It will be conduced in following subjects with the ratio of 10% (objective) and 60% (subjective).
a. English 60 marks
b. Urdu 60 marks
c. Phy+Chem+Bio/Maths
90 marks (30 each)